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Welcome to Namaste: Centre of Healing website

"NAMASTE" is a traditional Hindu greeting which translates as:
'The divine being in me recognises the divine being in you'.



plus Inner Child work, and Adoption Counselling to all parties to adoption (adopted adults, adoptive parents and families, birth parents and families, and prospective adopters)



The true purpose of a healing center is first of all to place the human-being at the core of life itself. It recognizes the human-being as a spiritual person who expresses himself through all the means he possesses, i.e. physical, emotional or mental instruments. Therefore, at a healing center, you will have the opportunity to be surrounded by a lot of people who will be there to help you discover the true you. You can even take your favorite escort Manchester with you. In so doing, the activities or therapies used seek to reach your inner man on a deep energetic level in care and love.

The escorts and therapists are there to help and guide you throughout the process of discovering yourself through your inner being, who is the ultimate healer. We are happy to share with you some of the activities that you can try in a healing center.



In a healing center, you can try the eco-healing activity. You may wonder what it is and what you can benefit from it. Actually, the activity focuses on nature and the importance it plays in maintaining your health. Whatever you are going through mentally, or if you are depressed, a good nature activity will have the ability to connect you more with yourself physically, mentally and even emotionally. It is important because as human beings we evolve in, and are connected to nature.

Furthermore, the therapists available for you at the center will help you develop a close relationship with nature, and even your lady from the Escort Directory, being sensitive and receptive to it. You will definitely find restoration reciprocity in nature. You will want to give back to nature what it brings to you. Examples of eco-healing activities are gardening, farm volunteering, outdoor sports, etc.

Healing Art Activities

Furthermore, you can also try the healing art activities such as massage therapies. Oh! What can do a good massage therapy to your body! With all the pressure that surrounds from your job to your household, it is sometimes difficult to keep a balance and concentrate on your well-being; resulting thereby in anxiety or deep depression, or you have been a victim of a trauma. Take a pause and visit a healing center where you will be surrounded by escorts and professional massage therapists. They will teach you the importance of knowing your body, how to be relieved from pains and hurts through personal massage sessions.


Aquatic Bodywork

It is one of the best activities provided in healing centers. With the guidance of one escort or a therapist, you will have the opportunity to experience aqua-wellness in a warm water pool. The activity is centered on massages, stretches and folds in the water. This will help you let loose of any anxiety, depression and stress, and put you in a state of total mental, physical and emotional relaxation. It will help you go beyond your boundaries for an effective release from stress and trauma.

Life coaching activities

This activity is great for the escorts and people who feel stressed and depressed and who want to give up. This will help you connect to yourself on a new other level. Acknowledge your inner self, by encouraging and empowering you with joyful and purposeful activities, to help you find the answers to all your questions from within.

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